Here are 7 Cheap Holiday Tips and Tricks to Bali For Beginners

HastagNet – Hi.. this time mimin HastagNet will share cheap holiday tips to Bali for Beginners. Vacation to Bali is certainly the dream of everyone including you who are still beginners who have never set foot on the Island of a Thousand Temples. Cost factors are certainly things that must be planned more maturely in order to save funds.

Traveling to Bali at a minimal cost does sound impossible because the price in Bali seems expensive. But do you know, behind the expensive side there are low-cost kok such as hotels, food, etc. Well, for those of you who are still “green” want to travel to Bali, here are 7 cheap holiday tips to Bali including:

  1. Post Funds

Separate accommodation and ticketing budgets from budgets for dining purposes, paying for entrance tickets to tourist attractions or to buy souvenirs. Carry the money as needed in your wallet and store the rest in your bank account and it can be picked up at any time using an ATM. It is also useful to cause a sense of security in yourself because there is no need to worry about money to be carried everywhere.

  1. Don’t travel in the holiday or weekend season

The holiday season is fun for some tourists, but they also have to be prepared for the fact that things are becoming more expensive, including airfares, lodging and food. In addition, you may not be able to enjoy anything in the middle of a crowded atmosphere. Visiting Bali on weekdays will be more cost effective because lodging sets a cheaper price compared to the holiday season. If you choose to board a flight to Bali, try to book a ticket for a night flight that costs much less than a morning and day flight.

  1. Find lodging at a low price.

The area around Jalan Poppy Lane and Legian Street is famous for its collection of inns that offer low prices per night. Room rental prices range from Idr 100,000 to IDR 350,000 per day, and can be cheaper if you rent them for three consecutive days. The facilities provided are also adequate, namely a single bed, a fan and an en suite bathroom. You should check the information and reputation of each inn through the internet so as not to be mistaken.

  1. Rent a motorcycle

You have arrived in Bali and can’t wait to enjoy the beauty of various tourist sites. If the tourist location is nearby it’s okay because you can reach it on foot. But you can’t walk if you want to visit Kuta Beach and Lake Batur at once in one day? Renting a motorbike is also much more cost-effective than taking a taxi or other public transport. Don’t forget to bargain the price because you could get a cheaper price if you rent a motorcycle for more than one day.

  1. Eat at backpacker shops

For the business of eating you must also be careful because too often snacks can certainly break into your wallet. Look for home-made food stalls around the beach that are usually a place for backpackers and sell food and drinks at low prices.

  1. Buy souvenirs at Sukawati market

Everywhere the name of the market must sell goods at a cheaper price compared to modern stores, as well as in Bali. Don’t be tempted to buy souvenirs offered by souvenir shops on the side of the road because you can buy them at much cheaper prices in a number of art markets scattered in Denpasar and surrounding areas. The markets that you can visit are Sukawati Art Market, Tanah Lot Art Market and Kumbasari Market.

  1. How about stepping on banten?

Although these 7th tips are not related to budget, but for those of you who are still beginners while on vacation to Bali it is worth needing to know about this info. Banten or sajen in the form of flowers and other offerings in containers janur (canang sari) is usually placed at the entrance and areas that people often pass through.

Often the question arises what if accidentally trampled. Actually it doesn’t matter if you accidentally stepped on it. If you step on it in front of the owner or shopkeeper or the place where the sajen was laid, simply say “sorry”. It is best when walking, avoid by passing through it, do not let you accidentally step on it.

The same is true when you visit temples or places that are considered sacred by the local community. Appreciate and follow the local customs. Wear modest clothes. If you are wearing shorts, wear a sarong or cloth.

Some places also require you to wear a sarong and a flashlight. Do not walk in front of people who are praying or taking pictures with flash during the ceremony. For women, don’t go inside when the moon is coming.

For those who have been to Bali, for dong experience to complete cheap vacation tips to Bali above. And for those who are still beginners, please write their questions through the comments below. [*]