Easy Ways to Speed Up Wifi Connection to Laptop or Computer

HastagNet – How to Speed Up Wifi Connection in PC or Laptop – to get wifi speed access on the computer also on android phone we can do some settings that allow the computer we use to get faster and also stable access, this time we will give you a trick how to speed up the wifi connection for your computer, previously we will flashback talking about wifi what?

Wifi itself stands for wirelles fidelity, which is a wireless network that can be accessed by various media devices, which can be connected through a registered IP address.

Each device such as mobile phones and computers all have different IPs.

But to be able to install wifi usually you also have to install a landline, but now there is a provider that provides wifi without a landline.

For Indonesia itself in terms of wifi speed is still classified as very slow, because in developed countries wifi speed there is very good and also stable.

We will try to help you in the problem of slow wifi when you use, there are several ways to speed up wifi on a computer that you can do, please you can listen to it in detail in the following review:

How to Speed Up Wifi Connection on PC
To be able to speed up your wifi internet connection of course you can try some settings that we provide for you to set on your laptop device or computer.

How To Speed Up Wifi With CMD and Notepad

  • Open your notepad or you can also type Windows +R in the keybioad and input notepad, select OK.
  • Next you write ping google.com –t in notepad
  • After that you save the notepad by selecting type All Files, and save it with the name ping.bat
  • It’s a good idea to save it on your desktop so that whenever you need it you can open it quickly.
  • Please if you have saved it, you just click ping.bat you have saved.

How To Speed Up Wifi With Protocol

  • Click Control Panel
  • Select Network &Internet Connection, select Network Connection
  • Next please right click on Local Area Connection and click properties.
  • Next select internet protocol (TCP/IP) click properties.
  • Next click use followind DNS server.
  • Please enter the Ip address with and input also alternative dns and select OK

That’s how to speed up the wifi connection on your computer or laptop that we can tell you, hopefully it can increase your wifi access speed whether you’re on campus, at home, or in other public places. Don’t forget to help share this artike to us. Thank. [red/*]