Avoid This So That You Do Not Experience Diarrhea during Fasting

HastagNet – One of the digestive disorders that most often interfere with the smoothness of fasting is diarrhea. Although this disease has nothing to do with fasting, but in fact diarrhea often occurs in the first days of fasting, especially at night or during suhoor. What exactly causes diarrhea during fasting? Let’s find out here so you can prevent it.

Causes of Diarrhea During Fasting

On the first days of fasting, it is natural for the stomach to feel uncomfortable. This is because the body is adjusting to changes in diet and rest during fasting and changes in the degree of acidity (pH) in the body due to changes in diet. However, diarrhea during fasting is often caused by the application of the wrong diet during fasting.

For example, you consume too much spicy or sour food when breaking the fast. As a result, you are also at risk of diarrhea at night or in the morning. Here are some types of foods that can be the cause of diarrhea:

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  • Spicy food. Capsaicin substances found in chili peppers when consumed excessively can trigger a recurrence of stomach ulcers and in some people can stimulate diarrhea during fasting.
  • Spiced food. Foods containing a lot of spices and coconut milk have the potential to cause diarrhea during fasting. It is best to avoid foods, such as rendang, goulash, and opor.
  • Fatty foods. Eating too much fatty foods can also trigger diarrhea, because fat is difficult to digest. Foods that contain high saturated fats, such as fried foods should also be avoided.

In addition to the type of food consumed, diarrhea during fasting can also be caused by unclean foods. For example, breaking the fast in an indiscriminate place of eating is not guaranteed cleanliness. Therefore, it is very important to maintain health in Ramadan by maintaining personal hygiene and food, so that the body condition remains primed.

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Tips to Overcome Diarrhea During Fasting

If you have diarrhea during fasting, here are the things you can do to overcome it:

  • Increase the consumption of water during suhoor and iftar. Fasting for more than twelve hours alone has made your body lack of fluids, especially when coupled with diarrhea. Therefore, try to drink plenty of water during suhoor and iftar to prevent dehydration. High electrolyte drinks, such as oralit can also help restore body fluids lost during diarrhea during fasting.
  • Avoid spicy, spiced, fatty and oily foods first. This is because some types of such foods can worsen the condition of diarrhea. If your diarrhea is not completely cured, also avoid foods such as red meat, butter, margarine, dairy products, fried foods, and fast food.
  • Consume yogurt after breaking the fast. Yogurt is already known as a good drink for digestion. This is because the probiotic bacteria contained in yogurt are able to fight bad bacteria in the digestive system. Therefore, consume yogurt after breaking the fast to overcome the diarrhea that you experience. But remember, choose yogurt that does not contain artificial sweeteners, because artificial sweeteners can worsen the condition of diarrhea.
  • Take diarrhea medication. The most effective way to overcome diarrhea during fasting is to take diarrhea medication. Diarrhea medications are generally able to reduce symptoms and shorten the length of diarrhea. There are several types of diarrhea medications, but the most commonly used is loperamide. The drug is proven to be potent and has few side effects. Loperamide works by slowing bowel motion to produce a denser stool texture.
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If diarrhea does not heal as well, immediately cancel your fast and visit a doctor to get immediate treatment. [*]


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