5 Unexpected Things That Turn Out to Increase Cancer Risk

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Cancer is still a frightening disease for most people. The reason is that cancer is a disease that is usually late detected at the onset of its appearance. As a result, this disease is usually only realized when entering an advanced stage. To avoid the risk of cancer, you need to know what the triggers are. Here are some unexpected things that can increase the risk of cancer.

Unexpected things that increase the risk of cancer

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1. Sit too long
It turns out sitting too long can increase the risk of cancer. In fact, almost most office workers spend their time sitting at the computer. For this reason, even if you are required to work at the computer every day, try to keep moving.
Quoted from the Mayo Clinic, you should rest every 30 minutes. Try to get up from sitting and take a short walk to reduce the risk of various diseases including cancer. In addition to helping to burn calories, getting up and walking for a while also helps maintain muscle and physical and mental health.
2. Too high
Research in 2018 found that tall people are more at risk of developing cancer than shorter people. Evidence shows that every 10 cm height increase, the cancer risk increases by 10 percent. Other studies also found a link between longer leg conditions and colon cancer.
Even so, there is no clear reason why people who are too high are at higher risk of cancer. However, the researchers suspect that this is because higher people have more cells that have the chance to become cancerous.
3. Install breast implants
In addition to beautifying the appearance of the body it turns out
breast implants can increase the risk of rare type lymphoma cancer, namely anaplastic large cell lymphoma. This type of cancer is not breast cancer but cancer that arises from cells in the immune system. Textured breast implants that actually increase the risk of cancer, not implants with a smooth surface.
However, the risk is indeed very low. The researchers calculated that for every 7,000 women who had breast implants, only 1 person would develop ALCL. This condition also occurs when the woman is 75 years old. Researchers have linked that it is possible that implants trigger inflammation in breast tissue to cause cancer.
4. Drink hot tea
Tea is indeed delicious to drink while it’s hot but it turns out this is quite dangerous. Based on research conducted in China in 2018 drinking very hot tea can actually increase the risk of esophageal cancer. The study involving 450,000 people found that extreme heat can damage the lining of the esophagus.
This risk increases five times greater in people who also smoke and heavy alcohol drinkers. Because, smoking and alcohol alone have made the esophagus vulnerable. If added with frequent drinking of hot tea, this can increase damage caused by smoke and alcohol. For that, the researchers recommend that you leave the tea first until it’s warm and slightly cooler before drinking it.
5. Smoke from burning
Being near burnt smoke while inhaling the aroma of grilled meat does make saliva unstoppable. However, did you know that this burning smoke is dangerous? Quoted from Live Science, research in 2019 found the fact that burnt smoke apparently contained chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
This one chemical is released by wood that is burned or charcoal. Charcoal itself is known as a cancer-causing substance or carcinogen. The researcher found that PAHs had a high skin absorbency. To reduce the risk of cancer, you should use closed clothing when you plan to do a burn-out activity with colleagues.