5 Recommended Healthy Lifestyles for Cancer Patients

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Cancer patients must continue to apply healthy lifestyle while undergoing treatment so that the recovery process continues well. Because, many cancer patients who after recovering experience several health conditions such as obesity, heart problems and even diabetes.
For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you keep your body in good condition even if you are sick. Cancer patients can help prevent complications of course with the advice of the health care team.
There is a healthy lifestyle that is recommended for cancer patients. The following are quoted detikHealth from various sources.
1. Eat healthy food
Good nutrition is very important for cancer patients. Consumption of the right foods can make the body feel better and stronger against infection. The recommended healthy diet is to consume many types of vegetables, fruits, proteins, fish and reduce processed foods, sweet snacks and fried foods.
2. Maintain emotional and mental health
Spending time with friends and friends or just relaxing doing a hobby can accelerate recovery. Mental health for cancer patients is also very important to guard against excessive anxiety and depression.
3. Keep your ideal weight
Avoid changes in body weight during cancer treatment. Note if there is a change in body weight either decreasing or increasing. If overweight, consult a health professional directly to restore weight to the ideal position.
4. Physically active
Some studies have shown that exercise is safe while undergoing cancer treatment, even that can improve health conditions such as relieving fatigue and depression.
Physical activity while undergoing treatment can also reduce the risk of cancer reappearing. Like breast, intestinal, prostate and ovarian cancer.
5. Protect the skin from sun exposure
Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day. Wear sun protection clothing, because there are several drugs that make the body more sensitive to direct sunlight. Sun exposure can irritate the skin and cause other complications.